PROCURE is a charitable organization in the fight against prostate cancer.

It raises awareness, supports and informs people affected by this disease and contributes to the financing of world-class research.

Support 7 days a week

PROCURE remains the reference for supporting men and their families following a diagnosis of prostate cancer and offers direct access to specialized uro-oncology nurses to answer questions via their toll-free support line, 7 days a week, at 1-855-899-2873.

In addition, you can visit their website, rich in informative content validated by urologists, which offers a multitude of resources and articles to better understand this disease, the treatments and the management of side effects.

Research projects

PROCURE also plays an active role in research through its biobank, which contains a large collection of biospecimens and clinical data from prostate cancer patients treated by surgery in Quebec. With the biospecimens of more than 2,000 men from the PROCURE Biobank, the organization is able to provide researchers with data of very high scientific value to better understand prostate cancer, diagnose it earlier and treat it in a more targeted and precise way

It is estimated that on average in 2022, 67 Canadians per day will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and 13 will die from it. For all those men and families affected by this disease, PROCURE is there for you, 7 days a week. Call us at 1-855-899-2873.